Out dated DO NOT register here Harvie Passage Fall Classic 2022

Date and Time
Sep 24, 2022 - Sep 24, 2022
8:00 am - 8:00 am
Calgary, Alberta
Contact Information
Name: Alberta Slalom & Alberta Playboater's League
Phone: 6132923871

Event Description

Out dated DO NOT register here



The Harvie Passage Fall Classic will be a single day event with whitewater competitions and a festival vibe at the Harvie Passage Whitewater Park. Slalom races in the morning, freestyle competition in the afternoon. Not racing? Consider coming out to volunteer!


This is the final event, Stage 7, of the 2022 Alberta Whitewater Series with awesome prizes from series sponsors AQ Outdoors and Kootenay PDL! If you've competed in two stages this Summer you are in the ranking for the whitewater series, don't miss out on your prizes!


FYI There will be no on-site registration at the event, registration closes 11:59pm Thursday September 22nd

ScheduleSaturday, September 24thSunday, September 25th
8:00amSlalom Course Set UpRain Date
8:30 - 9:30amEvent Set Up
9:30amSlalom Competitors Meeting
10:00amVolunteers Meeting
10:30am - 12:30pmSlalom Race
12:30 - 1:30pmLunch Break
1:30pmFreestyle Competitors Meeting
1:30pm - 4:00pm




Fall Classic Awards

2022 Alberta Whitewater Series Prizing Giving


Sep 24, 2022

Harvie Passage Fall Classic Registration

Slalom Competition - $20
Freestyle Competition - $20
Slalom + Freestyle Competitions - $30

K1 Slalom

Open Men 18+ K1 SL
Open Women 18+ K1 SL
Junior Men U18 K1 SL
Junior Women U18 K1 SL
Cadet Men U14 K1 SL
Cadet Women U14 K1 SL
Cub-cadet Men U12 K1 SL
Cub-cadet Women U12 K1 SL
Masters Men 35+ K1 SL
Masters Women 35+ K1 SL
Open Men (Plastic Boat) K1 SL
Open Women (Plastic Boat) K1 SL

C1 Slalom

Open Men 18+ C1 SL
Open Women 18+ C1 SL
Junior Men U18 C1 SL
Junior Women U18 C1 SL
Cadet Men U14 C1 SL
Cadet Women U14 C1 SL
Cub-cadet Men U12 C1 SL
Cub-cadet Women U12 C1 SL
Open Men (Plastic Boat) C1 SL
Open Women (Plastic Boat) C1 SL
Open Men (Open Canoe) C1 SL
Open Women (Open Canoe) C1 SL

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K1 Freestyle

Open Men 18+ K1 FS
Open Women 18+ K1 FS
Open Other 18+ K1 FS
Junior Men U18 K1 FS
Junior Woman U18 K1 FS
Cadet Men U14 K1 FS
Cadet Woman U14 K1 FS

C1 Freestyle

Open Men 18+ C1 FS
Open Woman 18+ C1 FS
Junior Men U18 C1 FS
Junior Women U18 C1 FS
Cadet Men U14 C1 FS
Cadet Women U14 C1 FS

SUP Slalom

Open Men 18+ SUP SL
Open Women 18+ SUP SL
Junior Men U18 SUP SL
Junior Women U18 SUP SL
Masters Men 35+ SUP SL
Masters Woman 35+ SUP SL

C2 Slalom

Open C2 (M / F / Mixed) SL