Out dated DO NOT register here Kananaskis Open 2022

Date and Time
Jun 11, 2022 - Jun 19, 2022
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Calgary, Alberta
Contact Information
Name: Alberta Slalom & Alberta Playboater's League
Phone: 6132923871

Event Description

2022 Out dated DO NOT register here


The Kananaskis Open will be a weekend long event with whitewater competitions and a festival vibe at Canoe Meadows on the Kananaskis River. There will be coached practice for all competitors, spectators attend free! Not paddling? Consider signing up to volunteer and attending the slalom officials workshop.


Volunteer Sign-Up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m7_WWLCn_p3dk_Pqag-TQ4sLCOSb8hdZQ6yuNLBMfQ8/edit?usp=sharing


FYI There will be no on-site registration at the event, registration closes 11:59pm Thursday June 9th.

ScheduleFriday, June 10thSaturday, June 11thSunday, June 12th
9:00am Slalom Course Set UpFreestyle Set Up
10:00amParticipants & Volunteers Meet at Cook ShelterParticipants & Volunteers Meet at Cook Shelter
10:30am - 12:00pmSlalom & Freestyle Practice (Coached)Slalom Officials TrainingFreestyle Competition
12:00pm - 1:00pmLunch BreakLunch Break
1:00pmSlalom Racers MeetingExtreme Slalom Racers Meeting
1:15pmVolunteers MeetingVolunteers Meeting
2:00pm - 4:00pmSlalom Course ConstructionSlalom Race (Back-to-Back Runs)Extreme Slalom Race
4:00 - 5:00pmClean Up Day 1Clean Up Day 2


Jun 19, 2022

Kananaskis Open Registration

Saturday Entry (Slalom Race) - $25
Sunday Entry (Freestyle & XSL) - $25
Full Weekend Entry (XSL, Freestyle, Slalom) - $40
Camping Only Registration (Volunteers / Spectators) - $0

K1 Slalom

Open Men 18+ K1 Slalom
Open Women 18+ K1 Slalom
Junior Men U18 K1 Slalom
Junior Women U18 K1 Slalom
Cadet Men U14 K1 Slalom
Cadet Women U14 K1 Slalom
Cub-cadet Men U10 K1 Slalom
Cub-cadet Women U10 K1 Slalom
Masters Men 35+ K1 Slalom
Masters Women 35+ K1 Slalom
Open Men (Plastic Boat) K1 Slalom
Open Women (Plastic Boat) K1 Slalom

C1 Slalom

Open Men 18+ C1 Slalom
Open Women 18+ C1 Slalom
Junior Men U18 C1 Slalom
Junior Women U18 C1 Slalom
Cadet Men U14 C1 Slalom
Cadet Women U14 C1 Slalom
Cub-cadet Men U10 C1 Slalom
Cub-cadet Women U10 C1 Slalom
Open Men (Plastic Boat) C1 Slalom
Open Women (Plastic Boat) C1 Slalom
Open Men (Open Canoe) OC1 Slalom
Open Women (Open Canoe) OC1 Slalom

Membership - Are you an AWA Member through a club?

No Please complete membership signup & PAYMENT in confirmation email
Yes No Further Action Required

K1 Freestyle

Open Men 18+ K1 Freestyle
Open Women 18+ K1 Freestyle
Junior Men U18 K1 Freestyle
Junior Woman U18 K1 Freestyle
Cadet Men U14 K1 Freestyle
Cadet Woman U14 K1 Freestyle

C1 Freestyle

Open Men 18+ C1 Freestyle
Open Woman 18+ C1 Freestyle
Junior Men U18 C1 Freestyle
Junior Women U18 C1 Freestyle
Cadet Men U14 C1 Freestyle
Cadet Women U14 C1 Freestyle

SUP Slalom

Open Men 18+ SUP Slalom
Open Women 18+ SUP Slalom
Junior Men U18 SUP Slalom
Junior Women U18 SUP Slalom
Masters Men 35+ SUP Slalom
Masters Woman 35+ SUP Slalom


Individual Camping - Friday ($15/night) $15
Family Camping - Friday ($26/night) $26
Individual Camping - Saturday ($15/night) $15
Family Camping - Saturday ($26/night) $26

Extreme Slalom (XSL K1)

Open Men 18+ XSL
Open Women 18+ XSL
Junior Men U18 XSL
Junior Women U18 XSL