Mosquito Creek Whitewater Race

Date and Time
May 27, 2023
11:00 am
Behchoko, Northwest Territories
Contact Information
Name: Somba K'e Paddling Club
Phone: 8677658803

Event Description

Join the Somba K'e Paddling Club for the inaugural Mosquito Creek Whitewater Race, sponsored by Jackpine Paddle! This is a just-for-fun event for pretty much anyone with even a little bit of whitewater experience. You must be comfortable in continuous class II whitewater with rocks, and you must be able to wet exit.

Kayaks are the preferred craft, but solo whitewater-specific canoes and SUPs are allowed (with some conditions - see the race rules for details). The club has a limited number of kayaks available to borrow if you don't have your own. If you need a kayak or other club gear, you can let us know right on the registration form.

Since this is the first time we are running this race, event participation will be capped at 10 entrants. We’re keeping it pretty low-key for now so we can focus on the essentials  and make it bigger and better in the future. But we’ll still have:

  • A practice lap and two timed race laps
  • Prizes
  • A fire after the race, with hotdogs and such
  • Games after the race is done


There is (non-glamorous) camping on site if you'd like to stay overnight before or after the race.


Documents - please read before registering

To race, you must be a member of the SKPC, the Fort Smith Paddling Club or another club under the Alberta Whitewater Association. If you're not yet a member, register at one of the links below.


May 27, 2023


Racer - $40
May 27, 2023


Volunteer - $0

Do you need to borrow gear? Select what you need. (A PFD, helmet and wetsuit or drysuit are mandatory safety gear.) - Racers only

Whitewater helmet
Wetsuit and paddling top (provided by Jackpine Paddle)

Membership - Are you a member of the SKPC, Fort Smith Paddling Club or another Alberta Whitewater Association club? - Racers only

No Please complete membership signup & PAYMENT at the links on the home page, or in the confirmation email after you register
Yes You're all set

What will you be paddling? - Racers only

Whitewater kayak
Solo whitewater canoe
SUP Mosquito Creek is shallow and rocky; it's NOT for novice whitewater SUPers

Event Schedule

Start End Description
2023-05-27 10:00:00 2023-05-27 11:00:00 Setup and volunteer briefing
2023-05-27 11:00:00 2023-05-27 12:00:00 Race check-in
2023-05-27 12:00:00 2023-05-27 12:30:00 Mandatory safety briefing
2023-05-27 13:00:00 2023-05-27 14:00:00 Practice lap
2023-05-27 14:30:00 2023-05-27 17:00:00 Race
2023-05-27 17:00:00 2023-05-27 21:00:00 Prizes, weenie roast, camping, etc.
2023-06-03 10:00:00 2023-06-03 21:00:00 Backup day for weather